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The Wrongful Conviction of Anthony Broom
Case Summary

On June 24, 1981 at roughly 4:05 a.m., Charlotte Swenson Martz died of a single gunshot wound to the left side of her head.  Anthony W. Broom was accused and convicted of the murder of Charlotte, yet there was no physical evidence of Anthony’s involvement in her death.  Only very weak circumstantial evidence (presented at “trial”) convicted this innocent man and he has been paying the price for 30 years and counting.  The evidence in this case reveals that Charlotte died either due to a self-inflicted accident or suicide

This case was tainted from the beginning with a fabricated affidavit from the lead detective.  The fabricated affidavit, combined with poor police investigation and mishandling of evidence is why Anthony has been serving a life sentence for a crime that never happened.  After reading this Website, you be the Judge – Should Anthony have been convicted of this crime? Better yet, did a crime even occur?